More Coq Talk and Other Lux Observations

I just had to have this handsome fellow.

So I am still on a coq poultry kick.

If you know me on Facebook, you will have seen that I returned to the grocery store on Monday, only to be greeted by “Henri” in the Meat Department with a joyful, “Bonjour, Madame! Le coq, ça a été?!” ["The cock, how was it?"]

I was shocked he remembered me.

However, Luxembourg is awfully small. I’ll give you another example.

Saturday I got my bike out and realized that I had a flat tire. I probably should have my LEOPARD TREK shirt confiscated, but I don’t much feel like changing bicycle inner tubes now that I am over the age of, oh, 12. So I took it to my bike shop, where the very handsome and charming Tom Flammang said, “Hi, Expatresse.”

I am not stalking him. Really. I have not even been in his shop since last spring. It is just a coincidence that we

  1. bought our bikes from him and
  2. if he were any more delicious you could spread him on a cracker.

Now why he remembers my name . . . I can’t tell you. I was wearing my bike gear when I walked in on Saturday, so now that image is certainly seared into his retinas. And probably not in a good way. But I digress.

I did buy another chicken today. Just a regular Poulet Jaune Fermier Certifié Agriculture Biologique et Élevé en Plein Air . . . all a fancy way of saying “Expensive Free Range Chicken.” And expensive it was: the same price as my tough special-order coq, but half the weight. This one will be tender, however.

And since this entry has absolutely no unifying theme, let me also tell you that I learned today that it is not permissible to send any food items to the USA.

I know because I bought these to send to a friend. Now I'm forced to eat them myself.

I guess I’ll just have to fill my suitcase with chocolates this summer. Old, stale Easter chocolates. In July.

The other funny thing I came across today was the wine circular from the grocery store.

As you may have noticed, I continue to be in awe at the sheer amount and variety of wines in the grocery stores here. Especially after the horrific prices in Moscow. Below, submitted for your consideration, is one wine from the circular. Okay, two. But just look at the Chardonnay:

As always, neither Cora nor the wine producer gave me any wine. I'm just pulling this one as an example.

What tickled me first of all were the little icons telling you what foods match well with this wine: beef, bunny, or cheese. Because you might be serving bunny. In all seriousness, I would serve bunny. But those wimps I live with refuse to eat it.

I think the Leaning Bottle of Pisa tells us that this wine can be drunk now or stashed in your cave for a later date.

But what gets me–I mean really, REALLY sticks in my craw–is the price: 5.60 EUR. Even at today’s sucky rate of exchange, that’s a very reasonable $7.88.

Do you wanna know what that bottle–that VERY SAME BOTTLE–of Chardonnay costs in my old Moscow grocery store? Well, do ya?


That’s $15.38.

$15.38!! For a Шардоне from Чили.

You wonder why we drank vodka there.

And why I find Luxembourg such a bargain.

One more local curiosity and then I’ll let you go back to what you were doing.

I guess it is really a question for my local experts.

I open the mailbox this morning, and out spills the Lux-Post, which is a curiosity enough what with articles written in whatever language happens to suit the author. There, on the front page, was this article.

Um . . . aren’t we in Lent, people? The Lenten season? Marked by fasting from “both food and festivities”?

Why are we still cavalcading? Not only in Pétange, but also in Remich?

This is a linguistic cavalcade, is it not?

Now, personally, I’m all for a cavalcade. Bring ‘em on. And the shops are full of gorgeous chocolate bunnies and eggs and chicks that will certainly be better eaten today rather than waiting ANOTHER THREE WEEKS. It’s just that I thought Ash Wednesday marked the end of all fun and festivities until Easter.

Now I really have rambled on too long. It’s back to work for me. You, too.



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  1. Tina says:

    I’m with your family about not eating bunny. One just hopped through my front yard while I was out with the dog. The dog went nuts. It was so little, brown with a white cotton tail.

  2. Anita says:

    I had no idea you couldn’t ship food to the US. Good to know. Did you get an explanation of the reason?

    Wine is SO CHEAP here. After Ireland (which comes close to Moscow in insane prices for wine), I’m just giddy.

    • The Expatresse says:

      They (the nice women at the P&T Cora) did not tell me why. It seemed that it was a US rule, not a LUX one.

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